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Roxy Tours Daily Boat Trips

  • Roxy Tours Boat

  • Boat trips from the beautiful marina of Almerimar.

  • Our Boat is available for trips the whole year through, If the weather allows, we take 5 trips a day in the summertime and 4 trips a day in the wintertime. Special trips can be arranged by reservation.

        • Our boat is located in Almerimar, Darsena 1, in front of the Stumble Inn.

      • For more information, see the webiste :

Horse Riding

Hipica Almerimar is situated at the end of the town near the Nature Reserve.
The opening hours are normally
Summer           09.00 to 13.00 and 16.00 to nightfall
Winter             09.00 to 13.00 and 16.00 to 18.00
1 hour hire                   €10
1 hour instruction        €10
Groups 6 -10 persons catered for

Go Karting

Go kartingFor an extra thrill on your holiday, why not try an adrenalin packed time at the two karting centres in the area. These are situated at the Copo Commercial Centre, right next to junction 409 of the motorway and the other one is near Roquetas de Mar, leaving the motorway at junction 429 and heading into Roquetas on the dual carriageway, the third island off the motorway. The track is on the left.

The facilities of these two venues are among the most advanced and modern in Europe.

They cater for young and old, with a safety briefing before being kitted out with the required safety equipment, helmet etc and then away you go to experience the thrill of driving only an inch off the ground. But beware it is addictive.

There are viewing areas and cafes at both of the venues so the rest of the family can view your first rung on the ladder to grand prix stardom.

For more information please visit their website


Golf Almerimar

almerimar golfThe Campo de Golf Almerimar was designed by Gary Player and Rob Kirby and was opened in 1976. It has 27-holes on a surface of approx. 802.000 m², embedded into a beautiful landscape with palms and lakes, with the marvellous Mediterranean climate of Andalusia.
As the only golf course with 27-holes in the province of Almeria it offers enormous play possibilities and challenges. The golf course has a generous practise area with chipping green with 3 exercise holes, exercise shelters, and a putting green with 9 exercise holes.
Lovers of this sport will enjoy the wide fairways of the Golf Course. The Campo de Golf Almerimar offers lots of possibilities for golf players of each level. In addition, it demands also from experienced golfers a high measure of concentration, it can also be mastered from beginners quite well. Obstacles - like the water surfaces and the skilfully placed bunkers - can be well played. Bunkers and small ponds very well guard the greens and the fairways seem to be like carpets.
It has wide tree lined fairways, and large greens, which are well maintained and fast to play on. There are water features at several holes. The lush vegetation affords a pleasant oasis-style feel to a round as the palm trees and lakes create spots of spectacular beauty.

Golf La Envia

La Envia golf courseThe La Envia golf course was designed by Francisco Mendoza Montero and is a short drive from Almeria.
This 18 hole complex is situated slightly inland set in a valley surrounded by mountains. There are three lakes that on the one hand add to the beauty of this course while on the other hand increase the test for the golfer.It is a picturesque mountain golf course with a design adapted to its natural, undulating surroundings. Sometimes it looks very tight off the tee but then, when you get to your ball, you are often pleasantly surprised by the gaps in the trees leaving you a more straightforward second shot than you were expecting. 

La Envia is never the less quite a tough golf course where precision is needed because, to be really safe, staying on the fairways takes away any uncertainty. In short, there is a good score to be had here especially as most of the greens are flat and true (even if some of them are very small). La Envia golf course is situated 10 minutes to the east of Almeria.

You will find it located in a very steep valley (so a buggy is recommended) completely surrounded by mountains which protect it from the strong prevailing winds, usually creating ideal golfing conditions. The views from the clubhouse terrace are spectacular to say the least. 

Playa Serena Golf Course

Playa Serena Golf CourseThe Playa Serena complex was opened in 1979. This well established 18 hole golf course has an impressive nine lakes. Situated in the holiday resort of Playa Serena, which is located in Roquetas de Mar, the course has often been referred to as 'the flattest in Spain'. 

The stoke index 15 first hole measuring 363m provides a gentle start to your round at the Playa Serena golf course. The toughest hole is the 4th, this long dog leg par 4 has a bunker strategically placed at driving distance and the green is well guarded by bunkers. The par 3 11th is all carry over water and be sure to leave yourself below the hole or you will face a tough downhill putt. Like the first hole the last is a very gentle par 4, if you get a good drive away you will have a real chance of finishing your round with a birdie. 

It is a flat parkland course, however, due to being close to the beach makes it also a slightly windy links style course as well.
Playa Serena is a lovely course that tests golfers with its small sloping greens, several lakes and water hazards and wind from the both the East and West.

Despite all the tests this course offers, it can be enjoyed by all levels of golfer as well as the surrounding views.


Roquetas de Mar

Roquetas de Mar is a traditional fishing village that has expanded to accommodate the increasing numbers of holidaymakers and yet retains its original charm. The settlement itself dates back to Roman times, while the maze of narrow streets reflects its Moorish history. With a small fishing harbour and a labyrinth of narrow streets, Roquetas de Mar has retained its traditional Spanish atmosphere. The tower of Santa Ana and the village walls are all that remains of the 16th century fortifications. The eighteenth century church of the Virgin of the Rosary has been restored and is well worth a visit.
Roquetas de Mar has the usual selection of gift shops selling holiday souvenirs and momentoes including fans, leather goods, table linens, jewellery and pottery and there is also an outdoor market on Thursdays.

The resort has good shingle and sand beaches providing opportunities for water sport. Along the palm tree lined promenade you can find tapas bars and restaurants offering fish, fresh from the day’s catch and simply cooked with local wines pleasing to both the palate and the pocket.

On the outskirts of the town is the Mario Water Park, the Aquarium and also the large shopping precinct “Gran Plaza” where you can find a wide variety of shops and restaurants and also a cinema complex.
For more information check out the websites

Fort Bravo Film Studio

fort Bravo Film StudioFORT BRAVO is a western-town, located just in the middle of the only moderate-climate desert of Europe, at 2 kms from Tabernas village and at 25 kms. from Almería, in the south coast of Spain.
The decorations are faithful to the time, so much the American part: the saloon, the jail, the shops, the bank, the stables, etc. as the Mexican area: the square, the church, the houses of the peasants and the homesteads. And of course, the fort of chivalry, Fort-Bravo.
These sets are not only interesting to young people. People of all ages will be able to find their own enchanted corner and have a good time. Why not get on a horse and go for a ride or hop in the stagecoach captained by Jim West.

For further information view their website (in English)

Mini Hollywood Theme Park

Mini Hollywood Theme ParkMini Hollywood is the longest established of three theme parks existing in the area. The other two, Western Leone and Texas Hollywood, are still working locations, at least some of the time, but Mini-Hollywood is now entirely given over to the theme-park business. Its heart is a Wild-West set, what one critic calls "your standard Spaghetti-Western town." And most of it is deliciously, authentically false - real, phoney buildings that were actually used in films.

Some of the movies that were shot here are legendary: Sergio Leone's 'Dollars' trilogy ´A Fistful of Dollars´, ´For a Few Dollars More´ and ´The Good The Bad and the Ugly´, starring Clint Eastwood.

Over a hundred titles were at least partially filmed in these dusty streets. Almería was also used as a location for other film genres after the sixties including ´Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade´, but it was the spaghetti-western that really defined the relationship between the province and the film industry.

Western shows are staged for your entertainment and as is right and proper, the Can Can shows are in the Yellow Star Saloon, which is a working affair where you can get a drink and a snack.

The bank contains quite an interesting film museum with a number of old cameras and projectors and the original, Spanish posters of films made on the set.

This attraction also has a zoo and a swimming pool.

For further information, here are some websites that you may like to visit.


Cabo de Gata Natural Park

Cabo de GataCabo de Gata - Níjar Natural Park is one of the coastal strips of greater beauty and ecological wealth of the western Mediterranean. There are a lot of small villages, each with their own characteristics from traditional fishing villages to inland hamlets. The Park, formed between 15 and 16 million years ago from volcanic movement offers beautiful scenery and landscape and a wide variety of flora and fauna for the nature lovers and with over 80km of coastal area there are enticing beaches for your relaxation. 

For more detailed information visit their website on

Castle at Guardias Viejas

Guardias Viejas CastleGuardias Viejas Castle is a notable element of military architecture dating from the 18th century. It was built to defend the coast from being attacked by pirates and corsairs. There is a museum inside on the theme of coastal fortresses, which includes different aspects that explain the historical value of the monument, with a representation of the military uniforms of that age, weapons and models. This exhibition gives visitors an insight into the historical and military context of the fortress during the Spanish Civil War.

Because of its excellent acoustics this Castle is used throughout the year for concerts of all types, ranging from rock to classical. Some of these concerts are free and details are usually posted around the area.

Balerma Tower

Balerma Tower is another element of military architecture used to defend the coastal localities. It was built in the middle of the 18th century next to the ruins of an older fortress. It formed part of a complex defence system of coastal watchtowers and fortresses, which kept the area secure from the end of the middle ages until well into the last century.

Cuevas de Sorbas

Cuevas de SorbasThe Caves of Sorbas has more than 1,000 caves carved in plaster, with a lot of galleries full of stalactities and stalagmites and miles of tunnels dug into the gypsum rock, which reflects the light.

You can discover this underground world, which is suitable for the whole family. No experience necessary. There are 3 levels of tours from a 2 hour walk to exhilarating climbing and potholing. Quite an adventure at affordable rates.

For more information please visit their website

Los Millares

Los MillaresLos Millares is one of the most important archaeological sites of European prehistory. Inhabited between 2,700 and 1,800 BC it has almost 5,000 years of history and is internationally regarded as one of the most important European sites of the Bronze Age. Its extension, the complexity of its defense systems and funeral rites evolved, is unparalleled in Europe at the time. And researchers agree in considering the culture as a pioneer in the introduction of copper metallurgy in the western Mediterranean.
The archaeological site of Los Millares, is located in the municipality of Santa Fé de Mondújar, just 17 kilometers from Almeria.

For more detailed information please visit these websites

Plataforma Solar de Almeria

The Plataforma Solar de Almeria is the largest solar energy research centre in Europe.

Since 2004, research activity has been carried out and is structured around two units of research and development

  • Unit Concentrating Solar Systems.
  • Unit Environmental Applications of Solar Energy.


The first of these units of R&D is dedicated to the study and development of new and more efficient technologies to produce electricity by thermal means, while the second one is to explore the possible chemical applications of solar energy, especially in regard to its potential for detoxification, desalination and water disinfection.

A visit to the PSA is a must for anyone interested in the energy problem and want to know more about solar energy as a source of clean and abundant energy.

For more information visit their website (in English)