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Q:        Are there any additional costs?
A:        No, where a price is given, it will cover all services or work specified, unless otherwise stated.

Q:        What happens if a problem is found in my property?
A:        If the problem can be resolved with no cost implication then we deal with this immediately. Where there is a cost implication, we inform you of the problem and the cost wherever possible and await your instructions. However, should the problem pose a security threat to your property or a danger to others, then immediate action would be taken to ensure that any further problem is averted.

Q:        How do I contact you?
A:        You can contact us by phone or email. Should we be away from the computer, our mobile is alerted when we receive an email, so that we can respond immediately should it be necessary.

Q:        How long would it take to respond to a request from our clients?
A:        We deal with any enquiry or request at the time of communication wherever possible. In the event of a lock out, for instance, we would usually attend within 30 minutes as we live and work in Almerimar, or immediately if we are working on site.

Q:        Can I just have my windows cleaned or my beds made up?
A:        Yes, not everyone wants a full cleaning and laundry service and we offer complete flexibility to cater for your individual requirements.

Q:        If I don´t have a local key holder, what happens?
A:        Your apartment can be at risk from the weather. We have extremely high winds and storms from time to time, which can cause external damage and flooding. If you do not have a local key holder then this damage can get worse while waiting for you to attend. We do regular security checks and also act immediately upon a report of any visible damage, to protect the property as much as is possible.

Q:        Are there any extra charges to your key holding fee?
A:        The fee covers everything in the agreement and also covers small general maintenance items such as replacing leaky tap washers, bulbs, adjustments to cisterns, doors or windows, etc. Should work be required that will need financial input, we would get your permission first, unless it is in an emergency situation where your property or persons are at risk.

Q:        If you hold keys to my apartment, how do we communicate?
A:        There are a number of options, but the usual way it by email as we have access to this at all times. We keep your telephone number on record so that we can call or text if a more urgent response is needed.

Q:        When do you do security checks?
A:        We do frequent security checks but not necessarily on a specific day or time. Obviously this is not always necessary when renting as we would be in the apartment at regular intervals to clean etc. However this would be done out of season as the apartment would be empty for longer periods.

Q:        How do I know you give a good service and value for money?

A:        We have a very good rapport with all of our clients and any of them would be only too pleased to give you a confidential reference.


Q:        Why do I need air conditioning?
A:        In the summer months here the temperature can reach 45 deg c, which can be very uncomfortable especially if the humidity is high. For owners and renters alike it is nice to escape the temperature and especially at night when it is very uncomfortable trying to sleep in 30 deg c.

Q:        Is air conditioning noisy?
A:        The type of units that are available today are usually very quiet and the outside unit is virtually noise free. The indoor section has an adjustable fan speed so that you can have super quiet running, for instance in the bedrooms at night.

Q:        Do I have to run the unit permanently?
A:        No, the unit has an adjustable thermostat to regulate the temperature. As such the unit switches on and off itself off to achieve this temperature. It also has a timer so that the time of operation can be set, this is ideal if you want the air conditioning on when you go to bed and have it stop automatically at a set time.

Q:        Is air conditioning expensive to run?
A:        This obviously depends on the model selected, but a lot of the new units are A rated and therefore, if used correctly, can be more economical than electric fans in the summer or heaters in the cooler months.

Q:        What temperature should I run the unit at?
A:        We recommend that the unit should be set at no more than 10 deg c lower than the outside air temperature, so if it is 40 deg c outside a set point of 30 deg c should be selected. A temperature lower than that would result in the conditions being chilly and uncomfortable.

Q:        What maintenance is needed?           
A:        We suggest a maintenance check at least once a year to clean filters and check operation efficiency.

Q:        Is the maintenance expensive?
A:        No, we charge 50 euros for a 2 bedroom (3 unit) property and 60 euros for a 3 bedroom (4 unit) property.

Q:        How long do I have to wait for a system to be installed?
A:        This obviously depends on the availability of the unit selected but
usually within a week from date of order.

Q:        Do I need to be in attendance for the installation?
A:        No, as long as we have access to the property and electricity and water are available.

Q:        If I want you to furnish my apartment, how do I start?
A:        You need to contact us and we can discuss your requirements and then submit a quotation.

Q:        Do I have to be in attendance?
A:        No, if we have the keys we do a complete one stop shop and leave the apartment ready for occupation.

Q:        Is there a difference between a rental pack and an owner only pack?
A:        Only in as much as we generally use a hotel quality pack for practicality with rentals and whilst many of the items would also be used for owner only you may decide, for instance, to have some better quality furniture and textiles.

Q:        Will you have suggestions for us?
A:        Yes, we will guide you all the way and suggest what works and what doesn´t, especially with regard to rental apartments. We have a standard inventory which is very comprehensive but there may be items that you do not require and these can be removed.

Q:        If I want something specific can I have that?
A:        Yes, we try to source items locally, but if this is not possible then we do our utmost to find a supplier.

Q:        How long does it take?
A:        This generally depends on the availability of the chosen items. It does usually take longer in the summer as the outlets tend to run out of stock as their suppliers close for holidays. When all items have been collected or delivered it usually only takes a few days to complete the apartment ready for occupation.

Q:        How much does it cost for a typical package?
A:        All of our packages are tailored to your specific requirements. We can supply a very basic budget package from around 3,000 euros. Our better quality packages can be supplied from around 5,000 euros and the sky is the limit for
high quality packages.

Q:        Do you charge for collection and installation?
A:        Yes, but this is included in the quotation, there should not be any additional costs unless you make changes to the agreed package.

Q:        If I have my own furniture, can I have it delivered to the apartment for you to install?
A:        Yes, we are very flexible in our approach to apartment furnishing and do our utmost to accommodate your requirements.

Q:        If the curtains don´t fit, can you help?
A:        Yes, we have our own seamstress who will make any alterations to your curtains, or make them to the correct size.